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Bask in the rich culture of France, lose yourself amidst awe of nature, and experience endless fun at larger-than-life stables when you plan a day out to Chateau of Chantilly with your family. The Château de Chantilly is a medieval French château located 50 kilometers north of Paris in the town of Chantilly, Oise. The Petit Château, established in 1560 for Anne de Montmorency, and the Grand Château make up this historic site. The Institut de France currently owns the Chateau of Chantilly after Henri d'Orléans, the Duke of Aumale, entrusted it to them.

The Chateau of Chantilly is accessible to the general public. The Musée Condé, the château's art gallery, is home to some of the country's most famous artworks. The gallery specializes in 15th and 16th-century French paintings and book illuminations.

Chateau of Chantilly Reopens Post COVID-19 

The Chateau of Chantilly reopened in May 2020 with vital safety measures in place. The visit route has been redesigned in a single direction to ensure the comfort and safety of guests. This will help avoid crowding and mitigate the risk of the virus.

The management has also discontinued all guided tours for the time being. Private groups and groups of more than ten people are also not permitted in the chateau.

COVID-19 Safety Measures at Chateau of Chantilly 

 The Château de Chantilly has adopted prudent health measures to assure your safety throughout the visit:

  • A health pass as per French health requirements is necessary for those above 12 years to enter the castle, horse museum, and equestrian shows.
  • The chateau has various critical preventative measures to prevent the virus from spreading to its employees and visitors.
  • A health pass is not required to visit the park.
  • Guests must respect barrier gestures and maintain at least one meter of social distancing at all times. 
  • Guests must adhere to the maximum visitor counts set by the management.
  • The chateau premises are cleaned daily.

Things to see at Chateau of Chantilly

The Chateau of Chantilly is a visitor’s paradise with a wide range of attractions for everyone. From well-equipped art galleries to lush suites used by Dukes and Duchesses, the chateau offers an immersive royal experience for all. We recommend you spend 5 to 6 hours in awe of the magnificent sections at the Chateau of Chantilly. You can also find rented vehicles on site to take you around and help you discover the beauty of this grand palace.

Chateau of Chantilly

The Art Galleries

The chateau is also home to one of the finest art galleries in France. On display are paintings and drawings by masters such as Leonardo da Vinci, Raphaël, and Michelangelo. The Musée Condé (art gallery) houses a vast collection of valuable historical paintings from across Europe. However, you should look out for their rich collection of paintings by iconic 16th-19th century artists such as Delacroix and Corot. Henri d'Orléans, then Duke of Aumale and the owner of the castle de Chantilly, donated the museum's art collection to the nation in the 19th century. 

Chateau of Chantilly

The Large Suites

The Princes of Bourbon-Condé utilized the big suites on the first floor of the Château as reception halls. You can view ornamental arts, furniture, and other historic objects in these furnished suites. The suites were heavily looted during the French Revolution and were later remodeled in the late nineteenth century by the Duke of Aumale, a crucial figure in restoring the Chateau of Chantilly. The Duke gathered, obtained, and inherited valuable furniture and fine objects to recreate the magnificence and lavishness of France before the revolution. 

Chateau of Chantilly

The Private Suites

The private suites of the Duke and Duchess are located on the ground floor of the Petit Château. The Duke designed the Private Suites between 1845-1847 soon after his wedding. As a part of his plan, the Duke adorned them with ornate artworks by Eugène Lami, a romantic painter and designer. This is the only Princely suite originating from the July Monarchy that is still intact. Only available in guided tours, these residential chambers are packed with recollections and constitute a distinctive testament to the private life of the Duke.

Chateau of Chantilly

The Reading Room

The reading room is a modernized library that is amazingly well blended with the Petit Château's original Renaissance architecture. The two-story metal structure created by Honoré Daumet, a renowned French architect, is reminiscent of the library architecture from the 19th century. The entry gate is covered with false shelves, and the staircase leading to the gallery is hidden so as not to disrupt the alignment of the books that form the centerpiece of the design. To safeguard the collections, the iron shelving units are finished with leather to reduce wear on the books. The rustic gas-lit lighting and wooden built-in desks are sure to transport you to 19th century France.

Chateau of Chantilly

The Grounds

The grounds surrounding Chantilly Castle are recognized as an important French-style garden. Find the nearest tree and unwind to a picnic on the grass. The formal gardens are still laid out according to André Le Nôtre's plan. He also commissioned plans for the great gardens at Versailles among other gardens in the 17th century. The well-laid-out water elements across the gardens add a distinctive touch of opulence to the breathtaking grounds. The castle also has lakes to the front and back and extensive pond areas in the English-style gardens. The tiny hamlet of thatched houses erected in the 18th century lends a charming look to the attractive Grounds. 

Chateau of Chantilly

The Great Stables

The Great Stables, an architectural marvel of the 18th century, were created for Louis-Henri de Bourbon, the 7th prince of Condé. Built by engineer Jean Aubert between 1719 and 1735, this magnificent palace for horses got to celebrate its 300th birthday recently! You can also visit the Horse Museum to understand the interaction between humans and horses since the dawn of civilization. The Equestrian troop displays their skills and innate connection with horses every day in addition to the equestrian shows. The horses at the Chateau are considered some of the most beautiful in the world, and it is definitely worth a visit to see them.

Plan Your Visit to Chateau of Chantilly

Getting There
Facilities & Accessibility
Chateau of Chantilly

Apri - October: Daily from 10:00 AM- 6:00 PM

November - March: 10:30 AM- 5:00 PM (Wednesday - Sunday)

Chateau of Chantilly

Address: 60500 Chantilly, France

By Car: The Château of Chantilly is 40 kilometers from Paris and 20 minutes from Charles de Gaulle Airport. From Paris, take the A3 or A1 highways to the "Chantilly" exit or the D316 and D317 routes (40 km from Paris).

By Train: From the Gare du Nord, take the SNCF main line to Chantilly-Gouvieux station or the RER line D to Chantilly-Gouvieux station.

Chateau of Chantilly

Facilities at Chateau of Chantilly

  • There are audio-guided tours available for tourists.
  • You can report lost items at the reception.
  • Most of the premises are accessible by wheelchair.

    Accessibility at Chateau of Chantilly
  • The ticket office is equipped with a hearing loop for visitors with hearing issues.
  • Gardens are accessible to visitors in wheelchairs. The small train can seat those in wheelchairs in the end carriage.
  • Audio commentary on the train while touring the gardens for the visually impaired.
  • The reading room, the large suite, and the Living Museum of the Horse are all accessible for people with disabilities.
Chateau of Chantilly
  •  Le Potager des Princes

Enjoy some quality time with your family in this historic park that has been transformed into a garden symphony.

  • Pavillon de Manse 

The Pavillon de Manse, located on the Nonette River in the heart of Chantilly, was constructed by the Prince of Condé at the end of the 17th century.

  • Hippodrome Princes de Conde

If you love horse riding, this is an excellent place for you to explore. It has a vast track of 2,400 meters, a straight line of 1,200 meters, a runway average of 2,150 meters, a circular track, and a fiberglass sand track of 1900 meters.

Chateau of Chantilly

La Capitainerie

This restaurant serves European and French food, and it is very close to the museum.

La Table du Connetable

This is a good family restaurant with a great ambiance. They serve all kinds of continental food.

The restaurant "Le Hameau"

Located in the Anglo-Chinese garden, this restaurant is only open at the busiest times of the year (April to October).

Chateau of Chantilly


  • Les studios de la faisanderie
  • Hôtel Le Chantilly
  • Manoir des Cavaliers - BnB


  • Au coeur de Chantilly
  • Chantilly in love


  • Hyatt Regency Chantilly
  • Novotel Roissy Saint Witz

Visitor Tips 

  • Booking tickets in advance can help you plan your visit. 
  • Follow Covid-19 guidelines at the Museum and Palace.
  • Maintain social distance during your tour.
  • Avoid group tours for safety purposes.
  • Spend 5-6 hours to explore the place fully.
  • Wear your mask all the time.
  • Do not go into any prohibited area.

All Your Questions About Chateau of Chantilly Answered

What is the Chateau of Chantilly?

The Château de Chantilly is a medieval European château located 50 kilometers north of Paris in Chantilly, Oise.

What is the best place to buy Chateau of Chantilly tickets?

The best place to buy Chateau of Chantilly tickets is online! You may book your tickets from the comfort of your own home without the long queues. Booking your tickets online is also contactless and safe in light of the global pandemic.

How much do Chateau of Chantilly tickets cost?

Tickets for the Chateau of Chantilly are priced at € 17.

How many grounds are there at the Chateau of Chantilly?

There are three grounds at the Chateau of Chantilly: Andre Le Notre’s French-style garden, Anglo-Chinese Garden, and The English Garden.

How many art galleries are there in the Chateau of Chantilly?

There are seven galleries at the Chateau of Chantilly. These are the Stag gallery, the Psyche gallery, the Giotto room, the Closet room, the Tribune, the Santuario, the Gallery of Painting, and the Rotunda.

Is the Chateau of Chantilly crowded?

No, the Chateau of Chantilly is generally not overcrowded. The number of visitors is also limited, keeping the pandemic in mind.

What are the opening hours of the Chateau of Chantilly?

Opening hours of the Chateau of Chantilly are from 10 AM to 6 PM.

How do I get to the Chateau of Chantilly?

There are many options to reach the Chateau of Chantilly. You can take the train or drive your car to get to this monument.

What are the Covid safety measures at the Chateau of Chantilly?

The number of visitors is limited. All the social distancing measures are taken. The premises are frequently sanitized.

How long do I need to see the Chateau of Chantilly?

It is recommended to spend 5 to 6 hours seeing all the attractions properly.

What is a must-see attraction in the Chateau of Chantilly?

The Great Stables at the Chateau of Chantilly is a must-visit attraction.

What is the Musuem of the Horse at Chateau of Chantilly?

The Museum of the Horse is located in the Great Stables and depicts the interaction between humans and horses since the dawn of civilization.