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Mont Saint Michel | Wonder of the Western world

One of the most scenic sites in France, Mont Saint Michel is known for its rich historical and religious significance. Initially founded by an Irish hermit, it quickly became one of France’s most important island fortresses. Upon the completion of the Abbey in 1523, it also gained religious importance, and today, it is one of the most-visited cultural sites in the country. Explore this stunning island and soak in its natural beauty and captivating architecture.

Distance from Paris: The distance between Paris and Le Mont Saint Michel is 360 kilometers.
Best time to visit: Between May to September

Why visit Mont Saint Michel

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  • Architectural marvel: Mont Saint Michel is a medieval abbey perched on a rocky island, showcasing stunning gothic architecture that captivates visitors with its unique and picturesque design.
  • Historical significance: With a history dating over a thousand years, Mont Saint Michel has served as a strategic fortress, a place of pilgrimage, and a symbol of religious devotion.
  • Spectacular tidal events: Experience the captivating tidal dynamics as the island is surrounded by water during high tide and becomes accessible by foot during low tide, creating a mesmerizing natural spectacle.
  • Cultural heritage: Explore the abbey's rich cultural heritage, from its use as a monastery to a prison during the French Revolution, offering insights into the evolution of the site over the centuries.
  • Enchanting village life: Wander through the quaint village at the base of Mont Saint Michel, filled with narrow cobblestone streets, charming shops, and restaurants, that offer a delightful atmosphere for exploration and relaxation.

Which Mont Saint Michel ticket is best for you?

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If you are on a budget

Go for: Admission tickets
Duration: 2- 3 hours
Guide: Self-guided

  • Your admission tickets give you skip-the-line access to the Mont St. Michel Abbey.
  • Once you bypass the queue and enter, you can check your self-guided information booklet to discover the story of the Abbey and its importance. 
  • An alternative is to opt for tickets with an audioguide to give you information about the monument.

Recommended tours

Mont saint michel tickets

If you are a solo traveler

Go for: Guided tour
Duration: 14 hours
Guide: Professional tour guide

  • To explore the islet in its entirety, take a guided tour of Mont Saint Michel with round-trip transfers via AC coach from Paris.
  • An expert guide will take you around and give you insight into the history, along with facts and trivia. With a small group, you'll also get to interact with fellow solo travelers.
  • Your tickets also get you entry into the abbey of Mont Saint Michel.

Recommended tours

Mont saint michel tickets

If you want to explore in-depth

Go for: Day trip from Paris
Duration: 14 hours
Guide: Audioguide

  • If you're in Paris, you can visit the islet as part of a day trip, where your transfers to and from the city are included.
  • An audio guide available in 10 languages like French, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, German, and Russian, which will help you explore around Mont Saint Michel, give you information and take you to hidden gems.
  • You will also visit the famous abbey and its cloisters and get comfortable round-trip transfers via AC coach from Paris.

Recommended tours

Discounted Mont Saint Michel Abbey tickets

  • All visitors under the age of 18 and EU citizens below the age of 26 enjoy free entry.
  • Mont Saint Michel Abbey tickets are also free to disabled visitors, journalists, and architecture students.
  • The Mont Saint Michel Abbey is also free for all on Saturdays and Sundays of the European Heritage Days (3rd weekend of September) and on the first Sunday of the month from January to March and from November to December.

Cancelation policy

Mont Saint Michel Tickets can be canceled 72 hours before the experience and you will get a full refund.

Explore Mont Saint Michel

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Plan your visit to Mont Saint Michel

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mont saint michel tickets

mont saint michel tickets
mont saint michel tickets
mont saint michel tickets

Frequently Asked Questions about Mont Saint Michel tickets

What is the ticket price for Mont Saint Michel?

Tickets for Mont Saint Michel start at €11. Entry is free for EU citizens or permanent residents of France up to the age of 25. Those under 18 years old can visit for free, while those aged 18-25 get a discounted price of €8. Please ensure you carry a valid ID.

Can I stay overnight at Mont Saint Michel?

Yes, you can either stay overnight in a hotel on the island or enjoy a camping experience close by.

Can I cross the Mont Saint Michel Bay?

Yes, but please be advised that it must be done under the supervision of a guide, as the tides are undependable.

Does Mont Saint Michel have a specific dress code for visiting the Abbey?

There's no strict dress code, but respectful attire is recommended. Avoid wearing overly revealing clothing or swimwear inside the abbey.

Are there any local crafts or souvenirs unique to Mont Saint Michel?

Look for La Mère Poulard biscuits, a traditional snack dating back to the 19th century. Hand-embroidered linen or sculptures depicting the island are other unique finds.

Can I cycle around the island of Mont Saint Michel?

Yes, Mont Saint Michel has great cycle paths that you can use, providing a wholesome experience on the island.

Is kayaking and boating allowed on the Mont Saint Michel bay?

There are many leisure water activities that you can enjoy like kayaking, canoeing and fishing which can cost from €12 and €15 per person.

What are the best tours of Mont Saint Michel?

While slightly expensive, a guided tour of Mont Saint Michel is a great option for visitors. It ensures your transportation is taken care of for a hassle-free experience. Additionally, you will be accompanied by an expert guide who will give you insight into the history and answer all your questions, thus enriching your experience. Taking a self-guided tour will be cost-effective, but you will have to go around the islet on your own.  

Is there a specific location on Mont Saint-Michel known for its panoramic views of the surrounding bay?

Yes, the ramparts and terraces of Mont Saint-Michel offer panoramic views of the surrounding bay, providing visitors with stunning vistas of the coastal landscape.