A Guide to Visiting Paris in September | Attractions, Weather & Museums

Known for its art, architecture, and heavenly food, Paris is one of the top vacation spots in the world. From art galleries to several UNESCO Heritage sites, this city features numerous amazing attractions. Visitors can admire the Eiffel Tower, visit multiple museums, enjoy a cruise on the river Seine, and do so much more throughout the year. But if you love autumn colors, then the best time to visit Paris is in September. Here is everything you need to know to plan a visit to Paris in September!

Is September a Good Time to Visit Paris?

September is a good month to visit Paris if you don’t mind slightly chilly weather with fewer crowds at the attractions. The sun still shines throughout the day, allowing you sufficient time to explore this culture-rich city.

Paris in September - Why Visit

Why You Should Visit 

  • The Autumn season is a great time to visit Paris as everywhere the colors are changing.
  • Fewer tourists in the city.
  • Discounts on flights and hotels as this is a shoulder season.
  • Several festivals, exhibitions, and concerts to attend in the city.
  • The ideal time to go on long strolls in the city and plan day trips from Paris.
Paris in September - What to look out for

What to Look Out For

  • Paris in September weather can be a little unpredictable.
  • The temperature lowers a little, making it slightly chilly to explore around.
  • Higher chance of rainfall.

Overview of Weather in Paris in September

Paris in September - weather

More About Weather in Paris in September

How hot is Paris in September? 

Paris in September weather is slightly chilly with an average temperature high of 21°C and an average temperature low of 12°C. 

Does it rain in Paris in September? 

The number of days when it rains in Paris in September is 9. 

Is Paris Windy in September? 

No. The average wind speeds reach up to 6.4 mph, which is not that windy.

Best Things to do in Paris in September

Paris in September - Eiffel Tower
Paris in September - Louvre Museum 
Paris in September - Disneyland Paris
Paris in September- Arc de Triomphe
Paris in September - Seine River Cruises
Paris in September- Versailles Palace
Paris in September  - Museums
Paris in September - Moulin Rouge Show
Paris in September- Notre Dame Cathedral

9. Notre Dame Cathedral

Roman Cathedral

A popular UNESCO Heritage Site, Notre Dame Cathedral is an imposing Roman Catholic cathedral that is a must-visit in Paris. This cathedral is famous for its brilliant architecture, especially the domed roof that lends it a slightly regal look. Take a tour of this Gothic-style building and learn more about its history and its inception.

September Timings: Daily from 8:00 AM – 6:45 PM

Paris in September- Catacombs of Paris
Paris in September-Pantheon
Paris in September- Orangerie Museum

Top Experiences & Things to do in Paris in September


Festivals in Paris in September

Paris in September - Festivals
Paris in September - Festivals

Silhouette Short Film Festival

Venue: Parc de la Butte du Chapeau Rouge

Check out this free outdoor film festival in Paris where you get a chance to see different genres of French and international movies for 8 days in September. From animation to drama, you can watch all kinds of movies here. Moreover, before the films, they also hold a workshop and a concert for visitors to enjoy.

Paris in September - Festivals
Paris in September - Festivals

Events in Paris in September

Paris in September - Events
Paris in September - Events
Paris in September - Events

Know Before You Visit Paris in September

Travel Essentials
What to Wear
What to Pack
Paris in September- Travel Essentials
Paris in September - what to wear

What to Wear in Paris in September

  • Since Paris in September can be slightly cold and rainy, visitors are advised to pack both summer and rainy clothes.
  • You can carry clothes such as shorts, skirts, trousers, a jacket, and more to wear when visiting Paris.
  • If you are going to walk around the city a lot, then wear lightweight and comfortable shoes.
  • Carry an umbrella with you as it can rain anytime during the day.
Paris in September  - what to pack

What to Pack in Paris in September

  • Power Adapter: Type C and E plug.
  • Clothes: Shorts, trousers, dresses, jacket, shrug, palazzos, etc.
  • Comfortable shoes
  • An umbrella for rainfall.
  • A small daypack to store essential items such as a power bank, water bottle, and sunscreen when you are exploring the city.
Paris in September - Getting around

Getting Around Paris in September

  • By Metro – One of the cheapest and easiest ways to explore Paris and its 6 suburbs are by metro. You can take the metro to reach outside the city as well.
  • By Bus – The buses are also a good way to explore the sights in Paris. Bus stops are scattered throughout the city with routes plying through many suburbs. If you are going to be late, there are convenient night buses in Paris to use too.
  • By RER and Tram – For extremely local connections, RER and Trams are a great way to travel around Paris.
  • By Cab – You can also hire a cab to explore Paris but this is an expensive option, especially if you are on a budget. Keep in mind that you cannot hail a taxi in the street and can only hire it from a taxi stand.
Paris in September- Stay

Where to Stay in Paris in September

Paris is a popular metropolitan city that is a host to a wide range of accommodation options. Visitors can easily find accommodation that will suit their budget and preferences.

Budget Hotels: Joe & Joe Paris, Hotel Darcet, Le Bellevue, Hotel de Flore

Mid-Range: Hotel Palm – Astotel, Hotel Lorette – Astotel, Les Plumes Hotel, Hotel Le Marquis Eiffel Paris

Luxury Hotels: Novotel Paris Les Halles, Hotel du Collectionneur, Sofitel Le Scribe Paris Opera, Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel, Hilton Paris Opera

Paris in September - food

What to Eat in Paris in September

The food in Paris is some of the best in the world. The city is known for its delicious cuisine, and there are endless options for restaurants.

Ratatouille – One of the most famous French dishes to try in Paris is Ratatouille, a vegetable stew that is served with a side dish or a baked dish. Where to Eat: Chez Janou

Souffle – Souffles are fluffy, light, and melt in your mouth and one of the top foods to try in France. They are available in both sweet and savory versions. Where to Eat: Le Souffle 

Coq Au Vin – Another quintessential French dish to try in Paris is Coq Au Vin. This dish is mainly found in fine dining restaurants and is prepared by braising chicken in wine, mushrooms, lardons, and seasoning. Where to Eat: La Jacobine

Hacks & Tips to Visit Paris in September

  • September is a transition month in Paris so, the tourists are leaving the city. As a result, you will find most attractions empty for you to visit.
  • Carry appropriate clothes to enjoy the outdoor activities here such as festivals, concerts, events, etc.
  • Paris in September can be a little cold which is why it is important to carry a jacket at all times.
  • Explore the city with an umbrella as it can rain anytime.
  • Since walking is one of the best ways to explore the city, make sure you wear comfortable shoes.
  • Use public transportation to save some money.
  • There are many events, concerts, and festivals happening throughout the city in September. Keep a note of them and check where you need tickets to buy them in advance.
  • Learn a few basic French words so that you can converse with the locals here.
  • Paris is a safe city but there are petty thefts and crimes so, be watchful of the same.

All Your Questions About Visiting Paris in September Answered

Is September a good time to visit Paris?

Yes, September is a good time to visit Paris as the weather is still pleasant and there are fewer tourists in the city. Moreover, you have many festivals and concerts to attend in Paris in September.

What are the best things to do in Paris in September?

The best things to do in Paris in September include exploring the Orsay Museum, watching a cabaret performance, visiting the Versailles Palace, and more.

Is Paris cold in September?

Yes, Paris can be slightly cold in September with average temperatures ranging between a high of 21°C and a low of 12°C.

How hot is Paris in September?

It is moderately cold in Paris in September with temperatures varying between a maximum of 21°C and a minimum of 12°C.

Can you swim in Paris in September?

Yes, you can swim in open swimming pools in Paris in September. The water temperature ranges around 23°C, which is manageable.

Is it sunny in Paris in September?

Yes, Paris experiences sunny and long days in September when it is not raining.

What clothes to wear in Paris in September?

September is a cool and pleasant month to visit Paris with an average temperature high of 21°C. This is why visitors are advised to pack both summer and warmer clothes for their visit. This includes shorts, skirts, dresses, trousers, jackets, and so on. Do carry a pair of comfortable shoes as you would be walking a lot in the city.

Is it rainy in Paris in September?

No, there are fewer chances of rain in Paris in September. The average number of rainy days in Paris is 9.

Is Paris expensive to visit?

Yes, Paris in September is a little expensive. However, since September is the month when the visitors start leaving the city, you can get good deals and discounts on flight and hotel reservations.

How safe is Paris?

Although Paris is a relatively safe city to visit, there are chances of theft and petty crimes. This is why visitors are advised to take care of their belongings, especially in crowded attractions and events.

What can I see in Paris in September?

Visitors can explore Louvre Museum, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, etc. in Paris in September.

What is the average temperature in Paris in September?

The average high temperature in Paris in September is 21°C and the average low is 12°C.

What are the best things to do with Kids in Paris in September?

The best things to do with kids in Paris in September are spending a day at Disneyland Paris, visiting the Eiffel Tower, going on a River Seine Cruise, and more.

What are the main festivals in Paris in September?

Jazz A La Villette, Silhouette Short Film Festival, The Peacock Society Festival, and Paris Beer Festival are a few top festivals to join in Paris in September.

What are the major events in Paris in September?

A few major events to attend in Paris in September are Paris Fashion Week, Dream Nation, and European Heritage Days.