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tickets to basilica of saint-denis-2
tickets to basilica of saint-denis-3
tickets to basilica of saint-denis-4
tickets to basilica of saint-denis-5
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tickets to basilica of saint-denis-1
tickets to basilica of saint-denis-2
tickets to basilica of saint-denis-3
tickets to basilica of saint-denis-4
tickets to basilica of saint-denis-5
tickets to basilica of saint-denis-6
tickets to basilica of saint-denis-1
tickets to basilica of saint-denis-2
tickets to basilica of saint-denis-3
tickets to basilica of saint-denis-4
tickets to basilica of saint-denis-5
tickets to basilica of saint-denis-6

Tickets to Basilica of Saint-Denis

Extended Validity
Instant Confirmation
Mobile Ticket
Flexible Duration
  • Explore the Basilica of Saint-Denis, and its historic halls, with the help of a leaflet available in 12 languages.
  • Marvel at the Cathedral’s magnificent facade which was a turning point in history, signalling the shift from Romantic to Gothic architecture.
  • Check out the royal tombs inside the Basilica where the ancient French Monarchy lie in peace.
  • Explore the Basilica of Saint-Denis, and its historic halls, with the help of a leaflet available in 12 languages.
  • Marvel at the Cathedral’s magnificent facade which was a turning point in history, signalling the shift from Romantic to Gothic architecture.
  • Check out the royal tombs inside the Basilica where the ancient French Monarchy lie in peace.
  • Please note that there is free admission during the following days: European Heritage Days on the third weekend of Sep, and every first Sunday of the month from Nov to Mar.
  • Entry is free for anyone under the age of 18 years, and for European Union nationals or non-EU residents in France aged between 18 and 25 years (an ID is necessary).
  • Entry is free for disabled guests with an accompanying adult, jobseekers (on presentation of a certificate less than 6 months old), holders of a valid education pass, and architecture students.
  • The leaflet is available in 12 languages including French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Polish, Czech and Dutch.
  • Note that the Basilica is both a museum and a church. For this reason, very occasionally, due to funerals or exceptional masses, the tour may be canceled or postponed
  • From October to April, it can get chilly inside the monument and so we advise visitors to dress warmly
  • Number of Steps: Nine steps to enter the royal necropolis, 15 steps to enter the crypt, and 15 steps to enter the upper choir
  • No dogs are allowed except for guide dogs for visually-impaired visitors
  • Luggage is not allowed
  • These tickets can't be cancelled. However, you can use them any time until 8 February, 2027.
  • These tickets are valid until 8 February, 2027.

Stade de France | France’s largest stadium 

Strategically located on the outskirts of Paris to be able to host large crowds, Stade de France is the biggest stadium in the country, accommodating over 80,000 seated spectators for any event. All large-scale sporting and cultural events are hosted at the stadium, making it a must-visit for those who enjoy live entertainment! Read on to learn about the stadium to make your visit more interesting. 

Why Visit Stade de France?

  • Sporting events: The stadium is the home turf for the country’s football, rugby, and track teams. The venue has hosted 2 Champions League finals and the finals of the European Championship, making it the go-to venue for large-scale events. 
  • Musical events: Aside from being a sporting stadium, the stadium is also an arena for music festivals and events. Its musical legacy began with Rolling Stones performing here in 1998, and has since seen artists including Beyonce, Rihanna and Coldplay. 
  • Seating capacity: Stade de France can accommodate over 80,000 seated visitors which can go up to 90,000 in case of standing musical events, making it the largest venue in the country. 
  • Guided tours: On non-event days, opt for a guided tour of the stadium which would take you backstage to the changing rooms, museum and empty stands. Tours are available in English and French, and last 1.5 hours on average.

Things to know before booking Stade de France ticket

  • If you are traveling for an event in your personal vehicle, make sure to purchase a parking slot along with the event ticket. Your entrance gate to the stadium would depend on the parking slot (in P1, P2, P3 or P4) allotted to you. Visitors with disabilities have special adapted parking spaces, with direct access to the stadium entrance. 
  • Given the large number of people on event days, you might find it hard to get phone signals at the stadium. However Stade de France is equipped with free HD WiFi for all guests to use. 
  • On event days, food stalls will be abundant at the stadium, so refrain from carrying food as it won’t be permitted inside. On non-event days, you can buy refreshments at Le Club, a panoramic restaurant located on the 8th floor of the stadium. 
  • If you are opting for a guided tour of the stadium, your kids below 5 years of age can enter for free.

What to do at Stade de France?

Stade de France

Witness a football game

The stadium is home ground for the French team and they regularly play at the venue. Due to its large capacity, the stadium is also known to host numerous international football championships, including the FIFA World Cup.

Live concert at Stade de France

Attend a live concert

Most touring bands perform at the stadium when in France. The stadium has witnessed legendary performances by the Rolling Stones, Coldplay, U2, ACDC, Madonna, and Beyoncé, to name a few.

Rugby match at Stade de France

Watch a rugby match

Stade de France is also the official stadium for the French rugby team, who often practice and play here. Catch a live rugby match when the championships are on at the Stade de France!

Guided tour of the France de Stade

Opt for a guided tour of the stadium

On non-event days, you will have the opportunity to witness the stadium behind-the-scenes. Explore the calm stadium with your English or French-speaking expert guide who will take you through the stadium’s history.

France de Stade museum

Explore the museum

The museum has a permanent exhibition that will take you through the journey of the stadium, right from its inception, to the nail-biting matches that it witnessed. Catch a glimpse of signed posters,  jerseys, mugs, trophies and other relics that are housed at the museum.

Plan Your Visit to Stade de France

Getting There
Stade de France Timing

Opening hours: Stade de France timings change based on the event being held. However, on non-event days you can take a guided tour of the stadium, which is conducted at least thrice a week, with various slots in a day between 10.30 AM and 4 PM. 

Last entry: The last slot for a guided tour is at 4 PM. 

Closed on: Guided tours are not available on event days or the day just prior to an event. Guided tours are also not available on May 1st, December 25th and January 1st. 

Best time to visit: If you’d like a quieter experience, avoid the months of July-September and December. Otherwise, opt for a morning slot of a guided tour during a weekday.

Address: Stade de France, 93200 Saint-Denis, France. Find on Map

By RER metro: RER lines B and D serve the route. The closest station is La Plaine Stade de France station for line B and Stade de France - St Denis station for line D.

By underground metro: Take any of the underground lines 12 or 13 to reach the stadium. The closest station is St Denis - Porte de Paris station (for line 13) and Aubervilliers - Saint-Denis Front Populaire station (for line 12). 

By tram: Hop onto tram line 1 or 8 to reach Stade de France. The closest station is St Denis Basilique stop (for tram line 1) and St Denis - Porte de Paris station (for tram line 8). 

By bus:  Bus routes 139, 153, 173, 255 and 350 lead to Stade de France.The closest station is Pont du Canal.

By car: The A1 and A86 motorways run past the stadium. From the A1, you can take exit 2 ‘Stade de France’ and from the A86, you should take exit 9 ‘Saint-Denis – La Plaine Stade de France’. You can purchase a parking slot at the stadium’s covered car parks. 

Locker facilities at Stade de France
  • During events, almost 60 food stalls will be serving hot food and beverages. You can also opt for in-food seat services if you have a grandstand ticket. 
  • The stadium has free HD WIFI for its visitors. 
  • A locker facility is available for those who would like to store large or prohibited items. 
  • During events, merchandise of the performing artist or the playing teams will be on sale at various locations within the stadium. 
  • Washrooms are located inside and outside the stadium for easy access. 
  • The stadium has covered parking for cars that must be purchased at EUR 2 per hour, and a large outdoor parking area for buses or larger vehicles. 
  • Guided tours of the stadium are available in English and French on non-event days and last 1.5 hours.They can also be conducted in Spanish, Dutch or German on request.
  • As part of the guided tour, you can explore the museum which has on display signed jerseys, posters, trophies, pictures and more.
Stade de France entrances

For guided tours, enter via entrance H. The stadium has various entry gates at regular intervals to ensure a smooth flow of traffic on event days. If you are travelling in your vehicle, we recommend you purchase your parking slot based on the entry gate mentioned on your ticket.

  • Gates N, R, S, T, U, X, Y if you are allotted parking in P1
  • Gates H, J, K, L, N, R  if you are allotted parking in P2
  • Gates Z, A, B, C, D, E, G, H, J, K  if you are allotted parking in P3
Stade de France Rules
  • Suitcases or large bags are not permitted inside the stadium. Nothing larger than A4 sized bags are permitted inside. 
  • Outside alcoholic beverages are not allowed inside the stadium. Guests are permitted to carry only plastic bottles of water (without a cap) with a capacity of 33 cl or less per person 
  • Sharp objects, fireworks, helmets or any object seen as threatening would not be permitted inside the stadium. 
  • Pets, except for guide dogs, are not permitted inside the stadium. 
  • Electronic devices such as camcorders, tablets, professional cameras, laptops or computers will not be permitted inside. 
  • Strollers and prams are not allowed inside the stadium. 
  • Large / long umbrellas are not allowed inside. 
  • Those carrying these prohibited items will be asked to leave them in the locker if they wish to enter the stadium.
Stade de France Accessibility
  • Guide dogs are permitted inside the stadium. 
  • Dedicated disabled parking slots are available with direct access to the stadium entrances. 
  • Wheelchairs can be rented at the stadium. 
  • Visual alerts with light flashes are available in isolated spaces of the stadium for the benefit of those with auditory impairments. 
  • Signs are located throughout the stadium for easy navigation. 
  • There are almost 1000 wheelchair spaces on each platform of the stadium.
Indian food at Restaurant Food Avenue near Stade de France
  • Restaurant Food Avenue (850 m) : Managed by a Bangladeshi couple, this budget-friendly eatery specializes in delightful Indian cuisine. Their standout dish, an exquisite lamb curry, attracts patrons from far and wide.
  • O’Grand Breton (1 km) : A charming French dining spot renowned for its serene atmosphere and al fresco seating. The ever-evolving menu promises a fresh and intriguing dining experience on every visit.
  • Baraka Chicken (1.9 km) : Perfect for a satisfying meal after an event, offering a diverse menu spanning Indian and French delicacies. This establishment also caters to those seeking halal options.
  • Restaurant le 129 (3.2 km) : A quick-service sandwich shop famous for its selection of fast-food items like burgers, kebabs, and paninis.
Basilica Cathedral Saint Denis
  • Basilica Cathedral Saint Denis (1.7 km): This magnificent cathedral boasts Gothic architecture, stunning stained glass windows, and towering ceilings, making it a significant cultural attraction for visitors.
  • Musée d'art et d'histoire (850 m): Showcasing the evolution of Saint Denis from medieval times to the present day, this museum invites you to stroll through its vast atriums, explore expansive gardens, and admire various displays.
  • The Basilica of Sacré-Cœur de Montmartre (6.3 km): A distinctive feature of the city's skyline, this church is easily recognizable by its striking white domes. Explore intricate mosaics adorning the walls and ceilings, delve into the crypt on a guided tour, and be mesmerized by the breathtaking stained glass windows.
  • La Villette (6.8 km): Situated just a 10-minute drive away, this urban park boasts expansive, beautifully landscaped lawns along with sculptures and fountains. Within the park, discover a museum, a music complex, and a cinema hall, adding to its diverse attractions

Visitor Tips

  • On event days, a security perimeter is put in place around the stadium. If you are travelling by road, expect a bit of a walk to the entrance and some traffic. Using the metro is the best option for event days!
  • International cards including Amex, Credit card/Visa, and Eurocard / Mastercard are accepted at the stadium. 
  • For a luxurious match viewing experience, you can opt for a private box with 10, 12, 16 or 28 seats, and other amenities such as a gourmet menu and a personal maître d'hôtel.
  • It is advisable to purchase your guided tour ticket in advance as the stadium is a favourite among many sports enthusiasts and the tour spots can sell out fast on-season. 
  • E-gift cards are available with a validity of two years that your guest can redeem as an event ticket. 
  • The venue has a list of prohibited items that must either be discarded or stored in the free locker if you wish to enter. These include professional cameras, large luggage or umbrellas, fireworks, plastic bottles, etc. 
  • In addition to car parking zones, bus and larger vehicle parking is also available at P4 if you are planning to attend an event in a large group. 
  • Official guided tours are offered in English and French, but upon request, it can also be offered in other languages including Spanish, German and Dutch. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Stade de France

What is Stade de France?

Stade de France is France’s largest sporting stadium and entertainment venue that can easily accommodate over 80,000 spectators.

Where is Stade de France located?

Stade de France is located in the suburb of Saint-Denis, around three kilometres to the north of Paris, France.

How do I get Stade de France tickets?

You can purchase guided tour and event tickets online or directly at the venue.

Are there audio guides on-site?

No, audio guides are not available on-site.

Are there live guides on site?

Yes, as part of the guided tour, you will be accompanied by an official Stade de France guide fluent in English or French, as per your ticket.

What are the opening hours?

The English and French guided tours of the Stade de France happen in multiple slots in a day between 10.30 AM and 4 PM. The tour is available at least three times a week, depending on the month.

Is Stade de France wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the stadium's guided tours and events are wheelchair accessible. 

Is entrance fee at Stade de France?

No, you are required to purchase a ticket for a guided tour or for the event being hosted at the stadium to enter. Children below 5 years of age can opt for a free guided tour.

Are there any days on which entrance is free?

No, tickets are required to enter the stadium throughout the year. 

Can I bring my pet to Stade de France?

No, pets are not permitted in the stadium. However, guide dogs are welcome.

Can I explore Stade de France on my own?

No, you would be required to purchase a guided tour ticket to explore the stadium.

Are there any restrooms at Stade de France?

Yes, the stadium has washroom facilities on site.

Is it worth visiting Stade de France?

Stade de France being the largest stadium has a great atmosphere on event days, and is a must-visit for any sporting or live entertainment enthusiast.