Disneyland Paris Characters

Meet Your Favourite Disneyland Paris Characters | Meet 'n' Greet, Visitors Tips & More

Disneyland Paris is known for bringing magic to life and that means meeting your beloved Disney characters in person is part of the exciting experience. You can say hello, shake a leg and even take selfies with Mickey Mouse, Aurora, Cinderella, Aladdin, Goofy, Donald Duck and the list goes on and on. These iconic Disneyland Paris characters are always ready and eager to meet and make your visit magical and memorable. Read ahead to know who you might run into in Disneyland Paris!

Character Experiences in Disneyland Park

You can often spot Disneyland Paris characters in shows, parades and even around popular attractions waiting to surprise you and make your day better. Disneyland Paris has many such Meet 'n' Greet points across both theme parks. Disneyland Park is where you'll encounter princesses from fairytales and other characters from classic Disney tales.

1. Princess Pavilion

Walk into Disneyland's Princess Pavilion and encounters princesses right out of fairytales. All guests are invited to meet Autora, Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel and many more. Disneyland Paris princesses are highly popular with long waiting lines and huge crowds to meet them. So make sure to visit early on when the park opens or nearing the closing time. 

Venue - Fantasyland 

2. Meet Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is one of the most iconic Disneyland Paris characters. He is always happy to meet his fans and spread a little bit of Disney magic everywhere and at all times. You can meet the Magician Mickey backstage in between his shows. You can snap shots with him and discover some Disney secrets. It is an incomplete experience without meeting Mickey Mouse in Disneyland Paris.

Venue - Fantasyland

3. Starport: A Star Wars Encounter

If you want to enter Starport, you better brace yourself for a mindblowing encounter with Darth Vader, the dreaded Sith Lord himself. This is an out-of-the-world experience, quite literally, as the Dark Lord comes all the way across galaxies for an unforgettable meet and greet with visitors.

Venue - Discoveryland

4. Meet ‘n’ Greet with Baloo

The most lovable bear from The Jungle Book! is right around the corner of Disneyland Park Paris. Don’t forget to drop by for a cheerful encounter with him. It is always exciting to get warm hugs from Baloo.

Venue - Adventureland

5. Meet ‘n’ Greet with Jafar

Beware! The wicked Jafar is out of Agrabah and roaming on the streets of Disneyland Paris with his cape and a long, magical stick. He’ll be at the Magic Lamp Meet ‘n’ Greet spot, probably up to no good as usual. Make your encounter with the sneaky sorcerer a memorable one before he is up to some mischief again. 

Venue - Adventureland

6. Meet ‘n’ Greet with Mary Poppins and Bert

Miss Practically-Perfect is in Disneyland Paris! Mary Poppins has floated here with her umbrella and her ever-cheerful friend Bert. They make sure that visitors have a wonderful time with them. Head over to the Gazebo and become a master in saying supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Venue - Main Street U.S.A

7. Meet ‘n’ Greet with Max

Head over to Ribbons and Bows Hat Shop as there is someone having too much fun goofing around with visitors and passers-by. Max never misses greeting his guests with a little bit of fun up his sleeve. His adorable and hilarious personality is something you can’t resist. Don’t forget to have a little fun yourself with Goofy’s son. 

Venue - Main Street U.S.A

8. Meet ‘n’ Greet with Pinocchio or friends

Pinocchio is now a real boy, free from his strings and roaming on the streets of Disneyland park spreading his cheerful laugh. Make sure to meet this mischievous marionette near Pizza Bella Notte. You might also run into his Ghepatto, his creator. Don't worry, this experience has absolutely no strings attached! 

Venue - Fantasyland

9. Meet ‘n’ Greet with Rafiki

Get ready for a safari in the Savannah of Disneyland Paris and guess who is taking you? None other than the wise Rafiki himself. He is the wisest of all Disney characters so there is no fooling him. 

Venue - Adventureland

10. Meet ‘n’ Greet with Stitch

If you think you are hearing Elvis Presley, it is probably just Stitch impersonating him. Otherwise, he is either up to no good or busy greeting his lovely young fans and getting them to say “Cowabangaaaa”

Venue - Main Street U.S.A

11. Meet ‘n’ Greet with Tigger or friends

Just outside Plaza Garden restaurants, there are a few special friends waiting to meet and greet you. The enthusiastic and one-of-a-kind Tigger might just be bouncing around and looking for fans to interact with. His exuberant and boisterous personality will surely not fail in giving you the best entertainment. 

Venue - Main Street U.S.A

12. Meet ‘n’ Greet with Winnie the Pooh or friends

You absolutely can’t miss this meet and greet that is just as sweet as honey. Get ready for a lovely encounter with Winnie the Pooh who has come all the way from Hundred Acre Wood just to make your day much more special. You can also meet his other adorable friends and get great hugs from this soft and cuddly teddy bear.

Venue - Main Street U.S.A

13. Meet ‘n’ Greet with a Cowboy Full of Fun

Goofy, the most enthusiastic cowboy of the Wild West is in Disneyland Paris to ‘Yee-Haw’ his way into your hearts. Right at the Big Thunder Mountain, he will be eagerly waiting to do something mighty fun or give some wholesome greetings. Don’t drop by and say Howdy!

Venue - Frontierland 

14. Meet ‘n’ Greet with Characters of Alice in Wonderland

You don’t have to tumble down a rabbit hole to meet Alice from Wonderland. All you have to do is visit Disneyland Paris and follow the steps of the white rabbit and he’ll lead you straight to Alice and other characters from the classic Disney tale.

Venue - Fantasyland

Character Experiences in Walt Disney Studios Park

Disneyland Paris characters are known for their friendly nature, readiness to click the perfect selfies and the true French experience that they give to their beloved visitors. Head over to the Walt Disney Studios Park and meet some of the popular Disney-Pixar characters.

1. A Parisian Day with Minnie or friends

Have a memorable encounter with Minnie Mouse in Disneyland Paris. She is with her friends Donald Duck, Goofy and others, always ready to click pictures and have fun with visitors. Meet and Greet with Minnie is filled with fun and a lot of Parisian touches. Get ready for moments of pure French entertainment.

Venue - Production Courtyard

2. Meet ‘n’ Greet with Olaf

You can meet the most adorable snowman in all of the Kingdom of Arendelle, Olaf! Drop by after the Animation Celebration to have a cheerful encounter with Olaf Elsa, Ana and others from the magical world of Frozen for this is a meet and greet that will melt your heart with joy.

Venue - Toon Studio

3. Meet ‘n’ Greet with Woody or friends

The kind-hearted and friendly Sheriff from Toy Story is awaiting your visit along with his friend Buzz Lightyear. He never fails to put a smile on your face so give him a visit in Walt Disney Studios Park. It will be a meet and greet that you cannot forget. 

Venue - Worlds of Pixar

4. Hero Training Centre

This is a power-packed meet and greet with the Earth’s mightiest superheroes. Get a chance to fight with the Avengers as you train to learn their tricks and moves. Your trainers will be none other than Captain America, Black Widow, Black Panther and Spiderman themselves. 

Venue - Marvel Avengers Campus

5. Meet ‘n’ Greet with Jessie or friends

Jessie is the bravest cowgirl of them all and you can see her at Toon Plaza. She is one of many Disney-Pixar friends and one can’t help but love her cheerful greetings. Jessie is there along with her other Pixar friends so don’t forget to drop by.

Venue - Worlds of Pixar

Visitors Tips

  • Make use of the Disneyland Paris app to find out Meet ‘n’ Greet schedules and show timings. You can usually catch Mickey Mouse after his magic show.
  • There is no special pass to meet Disneyland Paris characters and lines can get very long. You can visit early when the park opens or near the closing time to save time and have a good encounter with your favourites.
  •  Although Star Wars is a popular Disney attraction, the character experience is relatively less crowded. So make sure you make your encounter with Darth Vader worthwhile
  • Staying at Disneyland Paris hotels has its benefits. You get to meet your favourite characters a little before the general opening hours of the theme parks.
  • Character dining at Disneyland Paris is highly recommended as it is a unique experience to meet your beloved characters while relishing your meals. But it is extremely popular and not cheap!
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Frequently Asked Questions About Disneyland Paris Characters

Q. What characters are at Disneyland Paris?

A. From Mickey Mouse to Snow White, Woody to Winnie the Pooh, Pinocchio and Stitch, you can meet many more characters right out of classic Disney movies in Disneyland Paris.

Q. Can you meet characters at Disneyland Paris?

A. Yes. Disneyland Paris has Meet ‘n’ Greet experiences in both the theme parks where visitors can meet, shake hands and click pictures with their favourite characters.

Q. Are there Marvel characters in Disneyland Paris?

A. Disneyland Paris recently opened its new Marvel Avenger Campus. Here, in the Hero Training Centre, you can meet the Avengers and also learn their supercool fighting techniques.

Q. Can you hug characters at Disneyland Paris?

A. Absolutely! Characters in Disneyland Paris are always ready with the best hugs for all their admirers.

Q. Can you meet princesses in Disneyland Paris?

A. Yes. Princess Pavilion is a highly popular Meet ‘n’ Greet experience where you can meet Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, Rapunzel, Jasmine and many other princesses right out of fairytales.

Q. Where can you see characters at Disneyland Paris?

A. Disneyland Paris characters are everywhere in the parks. There are multiple Meet ‘n’ Greet spots and you can also spot them in events, shows and parades.

Q. Can I have a meal with Disneyland Paris characters?

A. Yes. You can book breakfast, lunch and dinners with Disney characters. They will drop by to say hello during your meal giving you a unique dining experience.

Q. Can you take pictures with Disneyland Paris characters?

A. Yes. There are designated selfie spots around Disneyland Paris parks. You can bring out your phones for quick pictures whenever you run into your favourite Disney characters.

Q. Do I have to pay to meet Disneyland Paris characters?

A. No. You can meet plenty of Disney characters for free in Disneyland Paris. However, there might be situations where payment will provide extra time with certain characters.

Q. Can you tip Disneyland Paris characters?

A. Characters are not allowed to accept tips from visitors. You can show your appreciation in other ways by passing kind compliments.

Q. Do the Disneyland Paris characters speak English?

A. Yes. Characters in Disneyland Paris can communicate with visitors in English and French.

Q. What are the rarest Disneyland Paris characters?

A. The White Rabbit and Chesire cat are really rare in Disneyland Paris. If you are lucky, you can also run into Marie from the Aristocrats and her brothers Toulouse and Berlioz. Huey, Dewey and Louis are rare characters that are present during the Halloween season.