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The Complete Guide to Shopping at the National Picasso Museum


The National Picasso Museum in Paris is a must-visit attraction for art enthusiasts. It houses an extensive collection of Pablo Picasso's artworks, showcasing his revolutionary artistic journey. The museum offers a unique opportunity to explore the evolution of Picasso's style and gain insight into his creative process. Additionally, the Picasso Boutique shop within the museum offers a range of artistic merchandise and memorabilia for visitors to take home. On the rest of this page, you will find more information about the museum's gift shop, including its diverse selection of souvenirs and other relevant details.

Visiting Picasso Boutique Shop

National Picasso Museum

Where to buy National Picasso Museum Souvenirs?

Picasso Museum Souvenirs

Shop Online for National Picasso Museum Merch

The Picasso Boutique gift shop has a physical presence at the museum, but you can also check it out online here. You can find an enticing range of books, posters, stationery, decoration, fashion accessories, jewellery, etc., here.

So, even if you miss out on visiting the shop in person, you can always order the merch online!

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Frequently Asked Questions About National Picasso Museum Shop

Does the National Picasso Museum have a souvenir shop?

Yes, the National Picasso Museum has a souvenir shop called Picasso Boutique.

How many shops are at the National Picasso Museum?

The National Picasso Museum has one shop, which is the Picasso Boutique.

What are the Picasso Boutique shop opening times?

 The opening times of the Picasso Boutique shop are the same as that of the museum.

Can I visit the Picasso Boutique shop without a ticket?

No, the Picasso Boutique shop is located within the National Picasso Museum premises, so a ticket to the museum is required for access.

Where is the Picasso Boutique shop located?

The Picasso Boutique shop is located within the National Picasso Museum.

Does the Picasso Boutique shop have an online store?

Yes, the Picasso Boutique gift shop has an online presence.

What can I buy at the Picasso Boutique shop?

At the Picasso Boutique shop, visitors can purchase various items such as prints, posters, postcards, books, jewellery, etc., all inspired by the artworks of Pablo Picasso.