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Quai Branly Museum Location Guide

Nestled in an 18,000 m2 verdant garden space is the Quai Branly Museum, rich in history and striking in architecture. Its proximity to the Eiffel Tower (450m away) makes it an easy-to-find and a must-visit landmark in Paris.

Getting to Quai Branly Museum is a breeze, with a multitude of transportation options available, including buses, RER trains, and the iconic Seine River cruises.

Where is Quai Branly Museum located?

Address: 37 Quai Jacques Chirac, 75007 Paris, France

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Situated on the banks of the Seine River and at a stone’s throw distance from the Eiffel Tower, Quai Branly Museum is in a prime location.

Closest landmark: Eiffel Tower (460 meters)

Getting to Quai Branly Museum by public transport

By bus
By RER train

Boarding station: Châtelet

Closest station: Musée D'art Moderne - Palais De Tokyo

Duration: 17 minutes

Bus frequency: Every 15 minutes

Distance from the station to the museum: 1 km (12 minutes by walk)

Buses are an affordable and efficient way to reach the museum. They provide a local experience, allowing you to witness the Parisian life, in passing. Additionally, the convenience of multiple stops across Paris ensures accessibility to and from various neighborhoods.

Boarding station: Saint-Michel Notre-Dame

Closest station: Pont de l’Alma station

Duration: 13 minutes

Train frequency: Every 10 minutes

Distance from the station to the museum: 300 m (4 minutes by walk)

RER trains offer a quick and economical way to access the museum, making them an efficient choice for exploring the city's cultural treasures. You'll also get a glimpse of Parisian daily life on your journey.

Getting to Quai Branly Museum by car

Reaching Quai Branly via Car

Driving route

Driving to Quai Branly Museum is a short journey of 12 minutes. If you start at Hôtel de Ville, head west on Rue de Rivoli towards Pl. de l'Hôtel de Ville, turn left on Rue de la Coutellerie and use any lane to enter Av. Victoria on the right. Turn left on Rue Saint-Martin and continue onto Pont Notre Dame till you reach Quai Saint-Michel and you turn right onto Quai de Conti, which slightly curves to the left and becomes Malaquais. Keep right and continue on till you reach Rue de l'Université where you turn right and your destination - Quai Branly Museum, will be on the right side.

Parking at Quai Branly

Parking facilities

The Quai Branly car park access is from 25 quai Branly 75007 Paris and the parking charges range from 1,20€ (15 minutes) to 14,40€ (3 hours).

How to enter the Quai Branly Museum?

The museum has three main entrances:

  1. Debilly entrance - 37 quai Branly (opposite the Debilly Footbridge) - This is accessible from the Seine River quayside and is best suited for general visitors.
  2. Terrace pools entrance - 206 rue de l'Université - This entrance provides access to multiple exhibits within the museum such as Pavillon des Sessions and Carrousel Gallery. It is used by visitors from various areas within the museum.
  3. Université entrance - 218 rue de l’Université - This entrance is primarily used by educational institution visiting groups.

For people with reduced mobility, the reserved entrance is 222, rue de l’Université.

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Frequently asked questions about getting to Quai Branly Museum

Which is the fastest way to reach the museum?

The fastest way will be by RER train.

Which is an economical way to reach the museum?

An economical option to reach the museum will be to use public transport (RER train or bus).

Is valet parking available at the museum?

No, valet services are not available at the Quai Branly Museum.

What payment options are available at the museum’s parking lot?

You can pay by cash, bank check, visa card or Mastercard.

Is there any parking space available for people with disabilities?

The Quai Branly Museum has 12 parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities. The total available parking space in the museum is 543.