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Everything You Need To Know About Grévin Museum Location And How To Get There

Located in the central part of Paris, the Grevin Museum is a mirthful place with over 300 wax statues of iconic actors, politicians and fictional characters, like Katy Perry, Brad Pitt and Michael Jackson. With wonderfully curated rooms, like the Hall of Mirrors, the Dome Room and the Hall of Columns, the museum is a must-visit on a trip to the city.

Read on to know more about the location of the Grevin Museum and how to reach the attraction.

Where is the Grevin Museum?

Address: 10 Bd Montmartre, 75009, Paris, France

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The Grevin Museum is located in the 9th arrondissement of Paris near Grands Boulevard and Opera Garnier and falls under the central part of the city. 

Closest Landmark: Opera Garnier (950 metres) 

Getting to Grevin Museum by Public Transportation

By Metro
By Bus
By Bike
Grevin Museum - By Metro

Closest Station: Grands Boulevard ( 30 m)

You can take four routes by metro to reach the Grevin Museum. You can take the metro lines 8 or 9 to Grands Boulevards Station, then walk west on Boulevard Montmartre. The Grévin is a short distance west of the station on the right side of the street (2 minutes). Else, you could take the Metro Line 3 to Bourse Station and walk straight north on Rue Vivienne to Blvd Montmartre; cross over and find the Museum entrance to your right (6 minutes). Additionally, you can also take Metro Line 7 to Le Peletier Station and walk south along Rue Drouot to Blvd Montmartre; head east and search for the museum entrance on the left (8 minutes). 

Grevin Museum  - By Bus

Closest Station: Grands Boulevard ( 100 m )

The nearest bus stop shares the same name as the metro station. You can take the buses numbered 74, 20 and 85 to get to the Grands Boulevard Station. The Grevin Museum is just one minute away by foot. 

Grevin Museum - By Bike

Closest Station: Vivienne - Montmartre

It is supremely easy to navigate Paris with a bike, thanks to Velib, a round-the-clock self-service bike rental service. The museum is near several docking sites with the closest one on the Rue Vivienne. You can get off here and walk to the museum which is approximately five minutes on foot. 

Getting To Grevin Museum By Car

Grevin Museum -

Driving Route

Paris is quite busy, especially during the peak hours. It is recommended to visit the Grevin Museum during the beginning of the opening hours or towards the end to enjoy a hassle-free visit. 

From the 1st arrondissement of Paris, you can head northeast on Pl. des Pyramides, then turn left onto Av. de l’Opera. After about 350 metres, turn right onto Rue Louis le Grand followed by another right onto Bd des Italiens. Drive for about 400 metres and turn slightly right onto Bd Haussmann and voila, you will approach the Grevin Museum. 

If you want to drive to the Grevin Museum, it is important to note that the museum does not have a designated parking facility for visitors. 

Grevin Museum - Parking Facilities

Parking Facilities

It is quite difficult to find a parking spot on Grands Boulevards. We advise parking in a nearby lot mentioned below if you plan to drive to the Grévin Museum. Parking costs about €5 per hour.

  • The indigo parking lot at 31B rue Vivienne
  • Chauchat Drouot parking lot at 12-14 Rue Chauchat 

Walking To Grevin Museum in Paris

Grevin Museum - Walking To Grevin Museum

Paris is an enchanting paradise and if the weather is perfect, you could relish the allure it offers with a stroll. Being a pedestrian-friendly city, you can take a walk from the Grands Boulevard metro station to Passage des Panoramas. It is the oldest, covered passage in Paris and is lined with restaurants and boutiques. It has done a terrific job of retaining the old-world charm and gives tourists a chance to appreciate the ornate architecture. Post your stroll, you can walk to the Grevin Museum in Paris which is just about one minute away.

What Are The Best Ways To Get To The Grevin Museum?

  • Budget-friendly: The bus is the most cost-efficient and reliable way to reach the Grevin Museum
  • Fastest Way: For travellers who are in a time crunch, the fastest way to get to the Grevin Museum would be to hail a taxi. However, it could be a little heavy on your pocket depending on which part of the city you are travelling from. 
  • To sightsee: If you want to soak in the charm of the city and have ample time on your hands, you can walk to the Grevin Museum and explore the shops, restaurants and antiquities of the city. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Grevin Museum Getting There

Where is the Grevin Museum located?

The Grevin Museum is located in the central part of Paris, specifically in the 9th arrondissement near Grands Boulevard and Opera Garnier.

What is the Grevin Museum address?

The address of the Grevin Museum is 10 Bd Montmartre, 75009, Paris, France.

How do I get to the Grevin Museum?

You can get to the Grevin Museum by metro, bus, car or walk. Find the directions here.

What is the fastest way to get to the Grevin Museum?

The fastest way to get to the Grevin Museum is by hailing a taxi.

What is the cheapest way to get to the Grevin Museum?

The cheapest way to get to the Grevin Museum is by taking a bus to the Grands Boulevard Station.

Which is the closest bus stop to the Grevin Museum?

The Grands Boulevard bus stop is closest to the Grevin Museum.

Which is the closest metro station to the Grevin Museum?

The Grands Boulevard and Bourse Metro Station are closest to the Grevin Museum.

Can I park at the Grevin Museum?

There is no car park reserved for Grevin Museum visitors. However, parking is available nearby at the Indigo parking lot at 31B rue Vivienne.

Is the Grevin Museum accessible for persons who use wheelchair?

The Grevin Museum is accessible fully to wheelchair users.

Can I walk to the Grevin Museum?

Yes, you can walk to the Grevin Museum from the nearest metro/bus station.